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Click on a video link below to listen to a customer testimonial or learn more about Consolidated Communications services.

Sacramento Children's Home

Sacramento Children's Home recommends Consolidated for a reliable Fiber backbone to connect multiple sites and provide Hosted Voice, Dedicated Internet, and most recently, Consolidated's Cloud Secure to provide the multi layer of security they need. Play video.

Sacramento Republic FC

Sacramento Republic FC relies on Consolidated Communications to be their technology expert who can offer a fast and reliable Internet connection. Play video.

Jimboy's Tacos

Jimboy’s Tacos, a company with 20 locations in California, Nevada and Texas, has the confidence in Consolidated Communications to provide Internet and phone service and shares their experience working with a customer service team that goes above and beyond. Play video.

Forth Worth Opera House

Fort Worth Opera House turns to Consolidated Communications because of excellent local service and support and a reliable network for Internet and VoIP services. Play video.

St. Clair Hospital

St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania discusses how CCI's network helps their main hospital campus and many other offices connect seamlessly as though they were under one roof. Play video.

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