Business Lines

Basic Business Lines provide small, growing and large businesses with low-cost, flexible telephone service. A business line comes with a business directory listing—adding to the credibility of your company.

Enhance your Business Line with a variety of essential, professional features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling. If your business needs voicemail, choose Consolidated Communications Voicemail with essential features that fit they way you do business.

Business Calling Features

Call Forwarding

Transfer incoming calls to another phone number


Call Forward Remote Access*

Turn Call Forwarding on or off, or change the number the line is forwarding to from wherever you are and whenever you want


Call Waiting

Alerts you to an incoming call while you're on the line


Call Waiting ID

Caller name/number displayed while line is in use
(includes Caller ID & Call Waiting)


Caller ID

Caller name and number displayed


Continuous Redial*

Redials a busy telephone number and alerts you when the line is free


Custom Ringing

(1st line)

Indicates if the incoming call is for you or for someone else


Find Me*

Calls one phone number at a time by the route you pre-programmed until you are found


Last Call Return

Redials the last caller even if you didn't answer in time


Long Distance Alert*

Alerts you to incoming long distance calls with a special ring


Priority Call*

Announces important callers with a special ring pattern


Selective Call Acceptance

You specify the phone numbers that ring through


Select Call Forwarding

You specify which calls you will forward


Selective Call Rejection

You specify the phone numbers that are blocked



Incoming call will ring multiple phones at the same time


Speed Call 8

Speed-dial up to 8 numbers


Speed Call 30

Speed-dial up to 30 numbers


Telemarketer Call Screening*

Blocks calls identified as "unknown/out of area"


Three-Way Calling

Speak with 2 other people at the same time


Wake Up/Reminder Service*

Receive a daily Wake Up call, or an occasional reminder


Warm Line* Automatically dials a preset number 30 seconds after taking the phone off the hook

*Calling features are not available in all areas.