Benefits of Unified Communications

Making the most of today’s communications technology can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Consolidated Communications makes it simple. Consolidated Communications Unified Communications solution is a cloud-based service that replaces on-site PBXs and data networks with a unified, centrally managed communications solution. It eliminates the need for multiple vendors along with the future expense of capital investments. Unified Communications also frees IT staff from the labor-intensive management of an on-site system.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Single-source provider for implementation & support
  • Enhanced messaging & mobility
  • Industry leading spam & virus protection
  • Reduce drain on internal resources
  • Support by certified engineers

Mobilize Your Workforce with Unified Communications

Extensive geographic reach means better access for users regardless of location. From voice calls on-the-go from your smart device to a video call from the lake cabin, Consolidated Communications seamlessly connects users wherever they are and any way they want to be connected. Tablets, smart phones and home PCs act as Unified Communications extensions, allowing you to mobilize your workforce to address customer needs.


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Industry-Leading Platform

Unlike many solutions, Consolidated Communications Unified Communications is built on the reliable, industry-leading  platform which makes it powerful to use and a perfect fit for businesses that value collaboration. The Consolidated Communications team is local and one of the most experienced in the industry with a long-standing track record of innovation, stability, and reliability.

Scale as You Grow; Pay as You Go

Traditional communications applications required a hefty upfront investment. With CCI's Unified Communications, customers add functionality at the user level when they need it, with an affordable per-user cost structure.

Unified Communications Installation, Training & Support

Consolidated Communications delivers a superior customer experience from design, installation, and training through ongoing support and proactive management. The goal is to get your new communications capabilities working quickly and seamlessly and to ensure that your entire organization is able to make maximum use.


Unified Communications Features

Unified Communications improves not only efficiency and productivity, but the communication experience as well, giving companies of any size access to the latest technologies typically reserved for Fortune 500-sized companies. It delivers a robust system that supports phones, voicemail, email, video, instant messaging, mobility, and advanced applications, all without the upfront investment in a premise-based solution.


Business-class calling features
across multiple sites.



Reliable recording, evaluations and reporting.



Customer relationship management applications.



Bringing email, voicemail and faxes into one integrated inbox.



Reliable recording, effective evaluations
and robust reporting.





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“The Consolidated Communications cloud-based Unified Communications solution simplifies almost every aspect of our operation. Consolidated Communications owns the technology, the signaling and provides the support, and we get everything we need in a nutshell for one monthly lease price. Best of all, we get flexibility, so the service expands or contracts with our business.” Read more.

— Jim Yothers, IT Systems Manager of Rockler