74% of CFOs expect at least 5% of their workforce who previously worked in company offices will become permanent WFH employees after the pandemic ends.1


Enterprise@Home is the most efficient way for companies to help their employees collaborate and work more productively from home.

It's time to get serious about remote communications solutions. Seventy-four percent of CFOs in a recent Gartner study say they expect at least 5 percent of their workforce that previously worked in company offices to become permanent work-from-home employees after the pandemic ends.

By choosing Consolidated to manage the work-at-home connectivity and collaboration tools for your staff, you can connect even the most remote home office locations with reliable, secure office-grade communications technology. Enterprise@Home solutions can also ease the administrative and technical burden of facilitating long-term remote work solutions on employers.

Whether it's a business-class Internet connection or a unified communications platform with all the bells and whistles, we can help your team connect, communicate and collaborate – brilliantly! Best of all, we manage all the details of service, support and billing so you can focus on your business. It's a solution that both employers and their employees will love.

15.5% of people are experiencing daily Internet connectivity issues working from home.2

The Enterprise@Home difference.

  • Keep your organization running efficiently and effectively as employees work from home
  • Guaranteed quality and service level metrics
  • Secure connections protect your proprietary data
  • Integrated enterprise-level billing for all employee services
  • Priority business-class support for residential locations


One provider, one bill, all your remote workers.

Enterprise@Home is your one-stop-shop solution for reliable, secure Internet, phone and collaboration tools for all your remote workers. You'll manage one corporate account with one bill, while enabling business priority service and support at every employee's home. Consolidated also takes care of all service requests and technical assistance, which frees your resources to focus on keeping your business running efficiently.

What are the Benefits?

Hassle-Free Installation & Onboarding

It all starts with our well-coordinated new service installation and onboarding process. Our friendly Enterprise@Home local team quickly arrange all new service installations and make it as turnkey as possible for your employees.

Business-Class Bandwidth

Enterprise@Home helps avoid frustrating, business impacting slow-downs or choppy connections. Consolidated can offer the best locally-available business broadband solutions in your employees' homes or provide dedicated Internet access that includes 99.95% reliability and a Service Level Agreement. By offering a separate connection unaffected by family smartphones, PCs, streaming TVs, or gaming, your team can continue to email, host online meetings, transfer large files, run key business applications and serve your customers with ease. Select an SD-WAN overlay package to increase bandwidth and prioritize your network traffic.

Protection from Network Threats

By their nature, residential broadband solutions aren't very secure. With your employees accessing your corporate network through VPN – or even trying to avoid your VPN to improve their bandwidth – it's more important than ever to consider a work-from-home solution that can protect your critical business data and infrastructure. With Enterprise@Home, we'll proactively monitor the network and watch for any potential network security threats at all of your home office locations. And our

Priority Business-Class Support

If you're trying to ensure productivity from a remote workforce where each employee is subscribing to Internet and/or voice services as a residential customer, you're not getting the priority service and support you need to support the enterprise. With Enterprise@Home, your remote employee locations get priority treatment for any necessary technical support or repair. Direct employees to your dedicated, knowledgeable Enterprise@Home tech, assigned specifically to handle requests from your organization. You don't have to be a middle-man in the process and employees can get support faster. And our in-market Network Operations Center is watching for issues 24/7 so we can connect your remote organization as reliably and securely as you would from your office

Easy Administration and Enterprise-Level Billing

Unlike other providers, Consolidated can offer the convenience of a single invoice for all your home office locations. This means less administration for your team. There’s no need to worry with employee expense reimbursements, and you can easily turn on or off home-based services as your workforce changes. Plus, pay online through our Account Center portal.

Reliability for Mission Critical Teams

Enterprise@Home gives organizations a reliable, secure communications platform to ensure their remote workforce can deliver critical services without interruption. For example, healthcare, financial and government institutions can’t afford to miss a beat – no matter where their employees are working.

We Are Where You Are

No matter where your employees live in northern New England, Consolidated can service them directly through our fully-owned and managed fiber network or provide connectivity through a preferred third-party provider. Either way, we can offer integrated service and billing for your entire remote workforce.

52.9% of people have experienced issues at least once a month with their Internet connectivity.3

Enterprise@Home addresses employer concerns about long-term work-at-home arrangements.

  • We can offer connectivity from a local service provider if the employee resides outside of Consolidated's service area
  • Enterprise@Home can offer a separate dedicated connection, with plenty of bandwidth
  • Billing is processed through the organization rather than the residence for better resource management
  • Security protocols and consistent monitoring ensure protection of critical data and infrastructure
  • Network connectivity and productivity tools ensure efficient collaboration continues outside the office

Nearly 60% of employers identify cost-savings as a significant benefit to a remote workforce.4

Products & Pricing

Flexible and role-based options create a custom fit for your organization.

Enterprise@Home is designed to support home-based enterprise-level services for businesses with 20 employees or more. Pricing is based on the number of employees and included services. Consolidated will work with you to create a custom solution for your organization. There are flexible package options to meet the needs of different employee roles and responsibilities. We can also accommodate new installations or provide equipment for additional remote workers as needs arise.

Enterprise@Home Solutions: You pick and choose!


Flexible product options and added savings.

  • Designed to support businesses with 20 employees or more utilizing home-based service
  • Flexible package options can accommodate differing employee roles and responsibilities
  • Ample bandwidth for business-critical functions, VoIP and large data transfers
  • Reimbursements available through COVID-19 Telehealth Fund and Healthcare Connect Fund

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