Unified Communications

A state of the art hosted unified communications solution that allows you to seamlessly connect where you need to and when you want to.

Cloud Wifi

Eliminate the hassle of maintaining your own wireless network and enjoy clear and simple tools to easily take advantage of a multitude of features.

Cloud Compute

Offers dedicated and secure infrastructure resources that are hosted and managed by a proven team that you can count on.

Data Protection

The data back-up and recovery solution you need to safeguard your business, hosted and managed by the dependable Consolidated Communications team.

Cloud Secure

A fully managed security platform that prevents an ever-growing list of innovative attacks from impacting your business.

Master the Cloud with Consolidated Communications Cloud Services

Enjoy the powerful benefits of Consolidated Communications Cloud Services delivered with the expertise and support expected from an industry leader. We can help determine the right solution for your move to the cloud and we’ll make getting there simple, regardless of your teams’ IT expertise.

Helping Businesses Reach the Cloud

Organizations of all sizes and complexities have questions regarding the cloud and how it applies to their business.

Some of these questions include:

  • What are the differences between the various “cloud” services?
  • Will the infrastructure be available?
  • Will throughput equal what could be purchased through traditional options?
  • Can I secure my data and information assets the same as if I owned the infrastructure?
  • Are cloud services for test and development only or can it handle production?
  • How can a migration to the cloud be smooth and painless?
  • What business challenges do you want to address through cloud computing?

Consolidated Communications delivers the expertise and experience necessary to help businesses answer these questions and maximize the power and performance of the cloud for their systems.

Why Choose Consolidated Communications for the Cloud?

Rockler chose Consolidated Communications’ cloud hosted VoIP solution over a premise-based system for several reasons:

  • It significantly reduces the management time required by Rockler IT staff.
  • This frees up IT resources to focus on other organizational goals and work on forward-looking initiatives.
  • At the same time, the cloud solution reduces both up-front and ongoing capital outlay.

The Consolidated Communications cloud-based Unified Communications service simplifies almost every aspect of our operation. Consolidated Communications owns the technology, the signaling and provides the support, and we get everything we need in a nutshell for one monthly lease price. Best of all, we get flexibility, so the service expands or contracts with our business.” Read more.
— Jim Yothers, IT Systems Manager of Rockler

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